Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not Walking

My stay in Dakar continues. It seems I pushed myself over the line during my 10 day march from St. Louis. After arriving in Dakar and sleeping for 3 days with my stomach churning from the untreated water I had been drinking and questionable food I had eaten I hobbled around town getting things done on my weary blistered feet. During this time a nasty infection appeared on my right index finger but I was able to fight it off after inserting my knife into my cutical to release the pressure which had me in excruciating pain. At this point I thought the worst was over and I was on my way to recovery. Unfortunately this was not to be the case.

At least I can thank my right foot for waiting until my left foot was healed before beginning its decent into unhappiness. 4 days ago a painful and rapid infection erupted near the bottom of my shin like a petit volcano. I had been prepared to begin my walk to The Gambia on Thursday and unfortunately as I set off for Rufisque only 30km away the activity motivated the infection to further growth and it has now spread painfully into my foot rendering it swollen and useless. So instead of walking to The Gambia I was forced to walk directly to the doctor. I am now taking a slew of French drugs and have spent the last two days lying in my bed. I can feel the antibiotics taking hold and am certain to recover in a few days. For now, I sit and wait.


Brian said...

Dude! The trauma keeps moving from limb to limb. Don't lose anything other than a toenail, that wouldn't be a good souvenir!

Well, you are definatly growing. Just try to limit "what" you are growing.

Anonymous said...

We want you home, ALIVE. Im upset, Im really upset right now. Im angry at you Josh. Im not talking to you. /henrik

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Joshua,
De retour en France,aujourd'hui,nous pensons toujours à toi, j'espère que tu n'es plus très loin de Joal Fadiouth et que ton problème de pied est réglé.
Celà a été un honneur et bonheur, pour nous de te rencontrer à Saly Portudal.
Anne et Christian

PS: pour ses amis, si Joshua a un problème au pied,soyez rassurés! il n'en a AUCUN avec son estomac !!!! lol

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